Mission and vision


  • Building trust and friendship with our partners throughout constructive cooperation.
  • Providing absolute quality.
  • Meet the expectations and requirements of our strategic partners and customers and build a long-term partnership with them.
  • Provide for staff development, enable advance in the development of the social environment and ensure the employees economic and social security.
  • Prevent pollution, reduce negative impact on the environment, respect the law and other legal requirements and ensure the conditions for a healthy and safe work of all employees.


  • To become European and worldly renown manufacturer of special packaging machines.
  • Increase recognisiability of our own production as a synonym for products and service of the highest quality.
  • Develop and use competitive advantages with highly qualified and motivated staff.
  • Ensure stable and long-term development of the company, which will be the basis for safety, growth and lucrativeness of the business.