Viro trough time

VIRO d.o.o. cellebrates 50 years of exsistence this year. In this long period, it produced dozent of various packaging machines, machines for welding polyethylene, polypropylene and various laminated foils. Lately, its focus shifted to the equipment and turn-key plants for blockmoulding, cutting and packaging of extruded or expanded polystyrene foam products (such as insulation sheets and panels for the building industry).

VIRO’s story has begun in 1964 by the owner’s father, Vili Rotter, in Polje near Ljubljana. In 1966 he produced the first welding machine for PE bags, which is produced almost identically still today. Soon afterwards, appeared clones of this machine, e.g. pulse welding machines on a flat wire, etc. In 1969 he built a workshop in Koseze, which had to be completed in 1991. During this time, VIRO’s focus was mainly on Slovenian and nearby markets. In order to get a better market coverage, subsidiaries in Zagreb and Sarajevo were founded.  In the year of 1995 VIRO started a long-term collaboration with the partner Wieser gmbh, which beside various distributors still provides for the sale abroad today. The growth of the company was high, so its spaces became too small, and the company had to move in 1998 to the premises in Vrhnika, where they worked until 2007. Due to the international expansion on the global markets and fast growing production, they needed bigger business premises, so they moved to Logatec. Soon after the expansion,  even the new spaces became too small and the existing factory got an additional hall in 2013.

Today, VIRO is know as a company that carves its way in more and more foreign markets with its innovation, precision and honesty, a result of 50 years of excelence.